It’s Me 247 Collateral Package

Market to your members the features provided to them through It’s Me 247 with this collateral package. Included is a brochure, statement insert and poster.

Lobby Poster
Statement Insert

Packaged Files (Adobe InDesign) For professional design use

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These brochures may contain information on how a member may enroll in It’s Me 247 online banking, including the initial PIN number. If your credit union allows members to enroll in online banking remotely, please note that the enrollment information could be used by a malicious third party to have unauthorized access to your member’s accounts through online banking.

CU*Answers does not recommend posting these or any other brochures containing enrollment information either in your lobby or on your website where there is public access. In addition to the risk posed to your members, disclosure of this information to the public may be a violation of your jurisdiction’s Commercial Code.

To further protect your credit union, CU*Answers recommends as a best practice requiring a member to know more than the PIN number to enroll in online banking. Common choices for additional verification include requiring a member to know their current balance and/or account number, and to require members to call your credit union or stop by a branch office to activate online banking.

Please note that under your Online Banking Agreement with CU*Answers that your credit union has agreed to accept the risk of Online Banking and indemnify CU*Answers for losses of any nature regarding the furnishing of these services. In accepting these brochures, the credit union accepts the risk and is responsible for all compliance requirements regarding the publication and disclosure of the information contained in these brochures.