CU*OverDrive 2017


What is CU*OverDrive?

CU*OverDrive is a 12 month program which allows you to create and implement custom digital campaigns for your credit union the way you want them. Each month, you will be given the opportunity to choose from dozens of templated campaigns and customize the text as you wish. Then CU*Answers will implement this campaign on several different digital channels of your choosing. Campaigns begin on the first business day of the month each month and end on the last business day of the month.


What is new for 2017?

Make It Your Own

All new customization options. Select from a library of templated campaigns and customize the content to read what you want it to market! This year you can select multiple digital channels to advertise your campaigns on including your website, OBC, Hybrid Mobile App, MAP and more!

OBC Banners & Mobile App Advertisements

Having customized banners on the OBC and Hybrid Mobile Apps is new in 2017! This all new annual program allows you to have customized campaigns on the OBC and Hybrid Mobile App every month.

All Digital

2017 is also the year of going completely digital. This means there is no longer a print option available for CU*OverDrive.


What do I get with CU*OverDrive?

Listed below are the four digital channels available for CU*OverDrive campaigns to be broadcast across. We will automatically update each product if it is a CU*Answers managed product.


A custom banner will be created to fit the dimensions of your website. If your website is managed by the CU*Answers Web Services Team, we will automatically upload and broadcast the campaign on the appropriate dates. If your website is not managed by CU*Answers we will send you your advertisement prior to the start of the campaign.

This is the first year your online banking community page has the option of having a customizable campaign banner added. The CU*Answers Web Services Team will automatically broadcast your campaign to your OBC page on the appropriate dates.

Hybrid Mobile App
If you have a Hybrid Mobile App from CU*Answers we will create a customized advertisement that will be automatically uploaded and broadcast on the appropriate dates by the Internet Retailer Support Center Team. App advertisements are only available for CU*Answers Hybrid Mobile App product.

MAP Site
If you have activated a Membership Application Process site from the Internet Retailer Support Center (, we will create a customized promotion that will automatically be uploaded and broadcast on the appropriate dates. There is a limit of three promotions that can be visible on a MAP site at one time, therefore if you elect to have your CU*OverDrive campaign published to your MAP site it will deactivate your oldest promotion (that is not ”I want to become a member”).

You will receive a reminder email 45 days prior to your campaign going live. This customization window will last approximately 15 days. (IE: July campaigns need to be submitted between May 15 and May 30)


How does CU*OverDrive work?

CU*OverDrive is an annual program that provides a set of digital materials each month. The digital materials are designed by the CU*Answers Marketing Team. Each campaign will begin on the first of the month and end on the last day of the month. If you wish to have a campaign span multiple months, you simply resubmit the campaign each month.

Submit A Custom Campaign Each Month
An online form will be available for your credit union to individually order campaigns for each of the twelve months of 2017. We will send a reminder email each month requesting your credit union to submit your custom campaign. There is a 15 day grace period each month to place your order. (You can order all twelve months at the beginning of the year)

Once an order has been submitted there is not a way to edit the campaign, however changes can be made during the 15 day customization window by resubmitting a new campaign order form. Submissions or changes after the 15 day customization window will be subject to a late fee of $100.

If a campaign is not submitted for a given month, the default campaign selected by the CU*Answers Marketing team will be used for your credit union. These campaigns can be viewed on the following pages or at

What is customizable in the campaigns?

CU*OverDrive campaigns consist of five customizable pieces each month.

Background Image
Choose from a library of dozens of graphics as a foundation for your campaign. Samples can be seen on the following pages.

Headline & Paragraph
Write the headline and body of the content you want displayed on your campaign. This content can read anything you want, but be aware that CU*Answers will not send a proof of your content so double check your entry before submitting!

Write the action word or phrase you want to have your visitor engage with while clicking the button on your campaign. This button will go to the URL that you designate in the next step.

Link your promotion to any URL you want. Your credit union can assign your campaign to link to any website on the internet.



Default Calendar for 2017 CU*OverDrive

If you choose not to set a custom campaign each month CU*OverDrive has default campaigns that can fill in the gaps in your campaign calendar. These will be automatically used if your credit union does not elect to submit a custom campaign.

View the default campaign calendar

View the campaign template library

How do we get a discount?

If you are currently signed up for Xtend, Chatter Yak! or Internet Retailer Support Center products, or planning to sign up in 2017, you can receive up to $500 off CU*OverDrive. We are offering $100 off five different products, allowing you to purchase CU*OverDrive at the low cost of just $2,499 if you are signed up with all five!

How does the discount work?

When you enroll online for CU*OverDrive 2017, we will give you the option to check which products you are currently participating in or plan to participate in for 2017. For each product you check, we will give you $100 off of the total cost for CU*OverDrive.

Xtend Member Reach – Take Off $100

xtend_member_reach Cutomize email messages, electronic statement inserts, OBC stories and more with Xtend Member Reach!

IRSC Mobile Experience Center – Take Off $100

irsc The Mobile Experience Center showcases your credit union’s mobile app offerings, as well as, other recommended apps, from within online banking and on your credit union website.

Xtend eStatement Notifications – Take Off $100

xtend The eStatement notification serves as a communication tool to notify your members of promotions offered by your credit union.

Chatter Yak! Yak Tracker – Take Off $100

chatteryak Yak tracker is the easiest way for you to turn your Facebook fans and Twitter followers into new members or even new loans.

Xtend RevGen – Take Off $100

xtend_revgen RevGen is a turnkey, lending campaign, leveraging the concept of targeting and segmentation. Xtend helps you identify leads and market to them.